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Equipment Servicing + Rental


Servicing your Equipment

Ray in Work AreaLet our service technicians take care of your equipment and maintenance needs we service and repair most manufacturers and makes of equipment. Our qualified on site service technician undertakes all your servicing, we are kept up to the minute through regular service updates and courses provided by the leading manufacturers.

Your equipment should last you for many years if you take good care of it by following a few simple rules and having a qualified technician annually service your equipment. As an established dive centre since 1988 we still hold many spares and service kits for equipment no longer supported by the manufacturers.

Work Area

We recommend that you have your equipment serviced well before that important dive trip or holiday and try it out before you travel as regulators in particular can settle and require a final adjustment to achieve optimum performance.

You may wish to learn more about fixing minor repairs and additional maintenance steps you can take by enrolling in the Equipment Specialty course. This is not a servicing course but will give you a greater knowledge in how your equipment works and minor repairs you can make.

    Please contact us directly book your Equipment Servicing
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Servicing Price List

Cylinder Servicing & Testing - Contact us for prices

Dry Suit Repairs - Contact us for prices

Computer Service, Battery Replacements & Service Upgrades - Contact us for prices

Watch Service, Battery Replacements & Repairs -
Contact us for prices

Need Your Equipment Serviced Quickly?

We Offer a RAPID SERVICE which is Guaranteed in 3-7 days (Depends on Parts, if Required)

PLEASE NOTE: We Can Only Offer This Service on Certain Equipment

BCD & Regulator Servicing

BCD £25.00 - £50.00 + Parts*
BCD Inflator Service £15.00
1st Stage Service £16.00 + parts*
2nd Stages Service £16.00 + parts*
O2 Clean Regulator £15.00 + Service & Parts*
Regulator Health Check £15.00
Regulator Pressure Check £12.00
Regulator Hose Check £12.00
Air II or Auto Air £15.00 + parts*

    Please contact us directly book your Equipment Servicing
    on 01992 650 674 or 0777 444 9133


Looking After Your Equipment

BCD's -

BCD Always try to rinse with fresh water inside and out after every dive trip paying special attention to soaking the inflate/deflate mechanism in fresh water to stop any build up of salt particles.
During a service we will clean your BCD inside and out using a sterilising solution, we will remove clean and replace any parts required in you inflator and dumps and will test the BCD for any leaks.

Cylinders -

CylinderNever leave your cylinder empty for any length of time this will enable moisture to enter the cylinder and will cause rust inside , the only way to remove this rust is to blast the inside reducing the thickness of the wall of the cylinder. Store the cylinder in a dry cool area as rust can occur on the outside of the cylinder if stored incorrectly especially in the area under the boot of the cylinder , rust on the outside of the cylinder will need to be blasted this will also then require a coat of zinc and a coat of paint.
HSE requirements state that scuba cylinders must have a hydrostatic test every 5 years and a visual test 2 ½ years from this date for all cylinders. HSE requirements now also state that the cylinder valve must be serviced at time of testing.

If your cylinder is to be used with Enriched Air or for any mixes that contain more than 21% Oxygen it will need to be Oxygen or O2 cleaned this must be done annually. This involves draining the cylinder removing , stripping the valve and cleaning to remove any traces of Hydro-carbons.
Then replacing all standard O-rings with Viton O-rings which have a higher resistance to combustion. The Inside of the cylinder is also cleaned with a heated concentrated cleaning agent to remove any traces of Hydro-carbons.
You must then remember to only have your cylinder filled only at a reputable air fill station failure to do so may enable contaminants to enter your cylinder which will require re-cleaning.

Dry Suits -

Dry SuitGood maintenance of your Dry Suit will prolong the life of your suit and will reduce replacements of seals and will help to avoid damage to your zip.
Make sure you dry your suit inside and out, the Dryzone Drysuit & Waders Dryer (also know as Dampire) makes an easy & quicker job of drying the inside of your suit. Use talc or Seal Saver on all of your latex seals to avoid rotting. On your zip you can apply a liquid wax and a bar of beeswax this will ensure smooth running of your zip and should avoid any snags that will cause damage to your zip. Store your Dry Suit in a cool dry area either hanging on a dedicated dry suit hanger or in the storage bag that came with your suit. Avoid any sharp bends in the zip (keep zip open) when storing in the bag.
We can take care of replacement seals latex or neoprene, leak tests, repairs and alterations, convenience zips and replacement zips, boot alterations and servicing of valves. The PADI Dry Suit Diver Specialty not only teaches you how to dive in a dry suit but also teaches you how to care for your suit, why not see when our next course is running in Course Dates.

Regulators -

RegulatorsAlways rinse your regulators after your dive trip with fresh water or you can use a special disinfecting solution to soak them in to avoid any build up of salt or contaminants. Make sure that the dust cap is in place and the purge buttons DO NOT get pressed in any way that will enable water to find its way into the hoses or 1st stage if this happens they usually will require a full service. Store then in a cool dry area.

Your regulators should be serviced annually and as most manufacturers offer limited lifetime warranties some of these will not validate the warranty if annual service records are not kept. Always check the warranty that came with your regulators.

A SAVE-A-DIVE KIT should contain at least the following items:

  • Mask Strap
  • Fin Strap
  • Regulator Mouthpiece
  • Cable Tie Wraps
  • Aquasure Adhesive
  • Torch Bulb
  • O-Rings for Cylinders
  • Allen Key
  • Adjustable Spanner.

Many divers carry spare masks, reels, SMB's and back-up torches - there are no hard and fast rules on what you should carry! The choice of what spares to carry is up to you!

Want to Learn This and More About Your Equipment?

Check Out Our PADI Equipment Specialty Course


Equipment Rental

Glide 500.jpgHere at Adventure Divers we want you to be comfortable with both good quality and good fitting equipment when you dive. All of our School/Rental equipment is from well known manufacturers as Mares , Scubapro & Seac Sub it is also regularly serviced and replaced.

With over 20 different size Dry Suits , more than 30 BCDs & Semi Dry suits it is very rare that we cannot accommodate all equipment needs. We have available everything from a snorkel to a digital camera with under-water housing.
So there is no reason for you not to carry on enjoying your diving while you save for your own equipment or just decide which kit you want to buy.

pro ultra.jpgPlease look at our price list for prices and package deals there will also be discounts for multiple days rental. Additional discounts may apply if taking part on one of our trips or holidays.

Also as school equipment is regularly replaced , why not enquire if there is any for sale.

    Please contact us directly book your Equipment Rental
    on 01992 650 674 or 0777 444 9133


Equipment Rental/Hire Price List



BCD £8.00
Boots £2.00
35mm Camera £30.00
Digital Camera with Housing £30.00
Computer £15.00
Cylinder (7-15L) (Air additional if airgun) £7.50
Dry Suit £25.00
Fins £2.00
Gloves £2.00
Hood £2.00
Mask £2.00
O2 Analyser £10.00
Pony (3ltr) £5.00
Pony & Reg £12.00
Reel £2.00
Regulator, Octopus & Console £10.00
Semi Dry Suit £15.00
SMB/Deco Marker £2.00
Snorkel £1.00
Torch - Kowalski £15.00
Torch - UK 400 or equal £7.00
Torch - SL4 or equal £5.00
Twin Set £15.00
Under Suit £5.00
Weights & Belt £4.00
Wing £12.50
Wet Suit (3-5mm) £12.00
Package Deals  
Dry Suit Package
Dry Suit, Undersuit, BCD, Regs, Tank & Weights
Semi-Dry Package
Semi-Dry, BCD, Reg, Tank & Weights
Wet Suit Package
Wet Suit 3/5mm, BCD, Reg & Computer  
Additional Discount Bands  
10% off For 2 Day Hire  
20% off For 3 Day Hire
30% off For 7 Day Hire

Dive Society Members 20% Discount off daily rate

    Please contact us directly book your Equipment Rental
    on 01992 650 674 or 0777 444 9133